Coordinate Your Props…

When the parents of this adorable newborn came into my studio with this cowboy hat, I immediately knew what blanket would be perfect with it.  I LOVE when this happens!  I positioned the blanket over cushions where the baby would be posed,  with the back of it pulled up and clipped on supports about 3 feet higher than the front.  This way, you can see a seamless transition from front of blanket to back, with the back falling out of focus.  Camera focus is on baby’s eyes.  Camera setting is f4 125/sec.  Single strobe with 4 foot octobox light modifier.  Baby’s pose took 3 sets of hands:  mom’s, dad’s and mine.  More tips on this tricky pose coming up in a future post.  Happy Shooting! ~ Karen

orlando newborn baby photo

Little Newborn 'Xander is ready for his First Rodeo!

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