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Professional Maternity Photography

Karen Maugans ~ Greenleaf Photo Studio

Maternity photography sessions are shot either in your home or outdoors in the Orlando area. 
I recommend trying to schedule your maternity session for before the 35th week of your pregnancy, when you can still pose and move around comfortably.  Maternity sessions can be as simple or as elaborate as you’d like, and can include your husband and/or children.  Photo sessions are usually completed in less than one hour, but can go longer if you include young children or multiple clothing changes.  I have lots of suggestions about flattering clothing choices, styling and props, and I even have some tops and wraps available for you to use.  Feel free to contact me for ideas.  Don’t worry about feeling like you’re heavier than usual.  You’re supposed to be!  I have lots of tricks to hide what you want hidden, and reveal only what you want to show.  I’ve been in your shoes and know how you feel!

After the maternity photography session has been done, you have the option of either viewing your maternity photographs before the baby is born and placing your order at that time, or waiting for your newborn to arrive, having me photograph your baby, then seeing all of the maternity and newborn photos together.  There is a 10% savings on your overall order if you wait to see all of your photos together and place your order at that time.  Preparing for and conducting a photo viewing/ordering session is time-consuming for me, so this is the reason that I offer the discount for combining the viewing/ordering sessions.

Check out our maternity photography portfolio.

Please call or e-mail for details:  (407) 456-2225
Thanks!    ~ Karen

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