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Clothing for family sessions does need to be coordinated in advance. It is your choice how you like to dress, but I suggest that you stay roughly within the same color/style themes, not necessarily identical. For outdoor sessions, it makes sense to be dressed appropriately for the season… generally in light-colored tops for summer and darker colors for fall. Everyone should be in either lights or darks, so no one stands out from the crowd too much. The exceptions are with babies or grandparents, whom you may want to have stand out. Most importantly: clothes should fit well… not too tight or too loose.

Karen photographs families in their homes and outdoors.  She has extensive experience with most of Orlando’s parks and gardens, and has distinct favorite locations for outdoor family portrait sessions.  She does, however, understand that many families prefer the familiarity and nostalgia of their own specific places.  So, she is very happy to go to her client’s preferred locations.

We can shoot until your kids fizzle out or until we are sure we’ve captured all the poses you’re interested in doing. I make every effort to schedule photo sessions with young children according to their “best” times of day. I want everyone to be as happy as possible, and that means full tummies and plenty of rest time.

Karen has photographed hundreds of individuals’ head shots for their business, social media and personal use.  Her years as a fashion photographer provided her with insight into the most flattering lighting and poses for her subjects.  Karen takes her time with each individual to bring out natural and spontaneous expressions.  Her photo editing, to your specifications, will minimize blemishes, scars and wrinkles and will enhance your naturally beautiful features.  To appreciate her photography and photo editing work, contact Karen for before and after photo comparisons so you can see the differences for yourself.

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