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I have had brick and mortar photography studios in both Cincinnati and Orlando.  Now, I prefer to bring my studio to my clients’ homes or shoot outside.  I have lots of props and backgrounds, so whatever you’re into, I can come up with the right color and style for you and your baby.  Although I do have a few tutus and hats, generally I do not provide clothing for babies.  Naked babies are classic to photograph, and I am always prepared for what may (inevitably) happen when a baby is without a diaper.  When a baby is in just a diaper, I prefer to have the diaper covered with little shorts, leggings or a cute diaper cover.

We will shoot until your baby fizzles out or until we’re sure we’ve captured all the expressions and settings you’re interested in doing.  I make every effort to schedule photo sessions with babies according to their “best” times of day. I want everyone to be as happy as possible, and that means full tummies and plenty of down time.  I am very respectful of what babies needs are and never push them past their limit.

I will style the photos to your specifications, and will coordinate my materials to the clothing or props that you may want to provide.  These details will be arranged at least several days before your photo session so that I will know what to pack when I come to you.  We will be in touch by email and/or phone to coordinate.

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