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Your newborn baby photography session can be scheduled (approximately) as soon as you know that you’re pregnant, or after your newborn arrives.  I always try to keep  appointments available for last minute newborn photo sessions just in case baby arrives early, or you didn’t quite manage to plan in advance.  Unfortunately, though, I cannot guarantee availability with last minute requests.  So contact me sooner rather than later, if possible!

Newborns are photogenic at any age, but there is a window of time when most photographers prefer to photograph newborns.  Generally, newborns tend to be posed easiest and sleep the soundest between 6 and 12 days old.  Of course, this can vary from baby to baby depending on how close to their due date they arrive and other health factors.  The newborn photos featured in this website’s newborn portfolio range in age from 4 days to one month.  If your preference for newborn photos is to have your baby’s eyes open, it’s best to wait until your baby is closer to a month old.  As your baby matures, his or her eyes will become better focused (facing in the same direction), for beautiful wide-eyed portraits.  Usually, though, newborn baby photography is done while baby is sleeping between 6 and 12 days old.  Newborns must be asleep for the more challenging poses, like in a sling or with hands propping up chin.

Newborn photo sessions take place in the comfort of your home, in the Orlando area.  I will bring everything needed for the photo session to you.  All you need to provide is a place for me to set up a table, lights and props, and of course, your newborn.  I will style the photos to your specifications, and will coordinate my materials to any clothing or props that you may want to provide.  These details will be arranged at least several days before your photo session so that I will know what to pack when I come to you.  We will be in touch by email and phone to coordinate.

Karen has photographed hundreds of newborns.  Her photographs have earned her awards at state and national levels as judged by the country’s highest level photographic achievers.  More importantly, Karen’s clients have experienced themselves Karen’s professionalism. This includes the depth of her knowledge of the use of her equipment, styling photo sessions and handling of newborns.  Despite occasional equipment malfunctions, Karen’s has always been able to deliver outstanding quality photographs to her clients.  Despite the appearance in Karen’s portraits of newborns being unsupported in some poses (such as suspended in a cocoon or sleeping on a bench), Karen always has supportive devices (usually the parent’s hands) around the newborn. She digitally edits out the parent’s hands later on her computer.  Cocoon and sling photos are done with the newborn lying safely on the floor (vs. suspended), with the photographic illusion of free-hanging.  Karen has a safety record of 100%.

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Please call or e-mail for details: (407) 456-2225

Thanks! ~ Karen Maugans

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