Hi Karen,
I received the DVD of photos you sent on Monday. I am BLOWN AWAY at how good they are! Seriously, they are the best head shots I’ve ever had. Usually, if there are three or four good choices out of a shoot, that would be a success. (Because you really only need one great one). But in this case, there are dozens! And having them in full color, b&w, and partial color gives me triple options! It’s amazing. My problem now will be trying to decide which ones to use!

This is such a gift! Really, I cannot thank you enough. I have always hated the whole process of getting pictures. I’ve never enjoyed being photographed, and I always dreaded looking at myself on the contact sheets. (Back in the day of contact sheets!) But this felt so easy. Probably because I was in a very relaxed place, no pressure, and because you’re so gifted at keeping the right distance and drawing out great responses on camera. I honestly could not be more pleased. And I promise to pay you back in some way. If you wish to build your head shot business in Orlando, I can look into that for you. I know where to look. And of course if you want to use my photo, please feel free.

Thank you for everything — and especially for these photos. Hope to see you again soon.

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